Summer Institute

In the spring and summer of 2015, RIFF held a course called Scanorama Shortcut in collaboration with Europe­an Film For­um Scanorama.

Ten young film makers, five from Lithuania and five from Iceland were chosen to participate. The course was in two parts, the first of which took place in Reykjavik and Sauðárkrókur in Iceland between 26th and 30th of May and the second took place in Lithuania between July 19th and 25th.

The emphasis was on inspiring young filmmakers to put their ideas into action and giving them advice on how to promote themselves. Various people from the film industry, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and artistic directors lent their expertise.

Here are all the lectures from the course:


The Summer Institute

The Summer Institute is a forum to help talent in the film industry improve their script development skills. The focus is on guidance and instruction in script-writing and project development in the process of transforming good ideas for film production into effective, workable screenplays. Lectures, discussions and live “pitch presentation” meetings are held as an integral part of the schedule in the Summer Institute, where participants receive responses to their ideas and proposals.

Supervisors work closely with small groups of students in the development of manuscripts. The participants also receive private guidance from the instructors. There are group lectures and a few case-study film screenings. The intention is that participants will return home with a deeper understanding of the various methods of visual storytelling and experiences that can be applied to the creation of fictional scripts, animation and documentaries.

Those who work in new media and game design are also welcome to apply.

The last Summer institute took place in Skagafjörður in 2013.