RIFF Thrilling Cave Cinema screening  

RIFF Thrilling Cave Cinema screening 

RIFF is not considered one of the most original film festivals in the world for nothing; we live up to that reputation by offering our visitors innovative cinema experiences, one of which is screening selected films at the unique volcanic formation Raufarhólshellir, a lava-tube-turned-cave close to Reykjavík. 

This one-of-a-kind subterranean experience brings an especially Icelandic flavour to the film festival circuit. Who can resist watching a film underground, in a natural geological formation in the land of glaciers and volcanoes? (The lava left 5,200 years ago, though, so do remember to dress warmly.) 

The film that we will be screening at this natural cinema venue befits the surroundings as Neil Marshall’s 2005 horror The Descent takes place in a cave system, but in a much more ominous setting. A group of girlfriends goes on a spelunking trip, but they get a hell of a lot more than they bargained for. Witness a literal as well as metaphorical descent into madness as grisly forces awaken below earth and the heroes’ dark sides are revealed. The Descent has received great reviews from the genre’s leading critics and is regularly mentioned when “Top 10” lists of horrors are drafted so do hurry up and book your spot at the RIFF Cave Cinema as capacity is limited! 

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