During the festival we bring our cameras to ceremonies, masterclasses, special events, panels and all the other activities we organize. We also interview our guests, directors and movie lovers. Click here to watch all videos from past editions on our YouTube channel.

The footage is shot and edited by students in Borgarholtsskóli and Fjölbrautarskólinn in Ármúli.

Olivier Assayas Masterclass at RIFF 2017

The One Minutes: Create Characters at RIFF 2017

Nuntius, film and concert with Jimi Tenor and Jori Hulkkonen at RIFF 2017

Improv Iceland at RIFF 2017

Dreams by the Sea Q&A at RIFF 2017

Tom of Finland Q&A and art exhibition at RIFF 2017

Panel Reykjavík Film City at RIFF 2017

My Father From Sirius Q&A at RIFF 2017

Distant Constellation Q&A at RIFF 2017

Íslenskar stuttmyndir 1 at RIFF 2017

Opening of RIFF 2017

Werner Herzog – excerpt from the Grizzly Man Q&A at RIFF 2017

Atlantis, Iceland Q&A with director Peter Hanlon , at RIFF 2017

Doctor Fabre will Cure You at RIFF 2017

Arctic Panel at RIFF 2017

Werner Herzog – Into the Inferno Q&A at RIFF 2017

Icelandic Shorts 2 – RIFF 2017

Through the Eyes of Others at RIFF 2017

Children’s Movies with live talk – Nordic House at RIFF 2017

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