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Misha de Ridder

Misha de Ridder (NL, 1971) is a visual artist working mainly with photography and video, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After graduating from the University of the Arts Utrecht in …

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Jesse Darling

Jesse Darling is an artist working in sculpture, installation, video, drawing, text, sound, and performance. Their work is broadly concerned with what it means to be a body in the world, though what that means is both …

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Annie Sprinkle

Annie M. Sprinkle is an internationally known multi-media artist whose work is often studied in History of Performance Art classes, gender studies and film studies at major Universities/Colleges. Sprinkle has …

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Beth Stephens

Elizabeth M. Stephens is interdisciplinary artist, activist and educator who has explored themes of sexuality, gender, queerness, and feminism through art for over 20 years. Her current passion is SexEcology: …

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Arnoud Holleman

Arnoud Holleman was born in Haarlem, the Netherlands, in 1964. He is now based in Amsterdam. Holleman is an artist, documentary maker, writer and collaborator. He studied at the Royal …

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Rúnar Ingi

Rúnar Ingi Einarsson (b. 1985) is a director from Reykjavík, Iceland. He has directed short films and commercials and currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.

Paulo Menezes

Paulo Menezes is a Brazilian filmmaker. He studied Film and TV production in London and after graduating he worked on various productions in Brazil and the UK before deciding to …

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Leandro Goddinho

Leandro Goddinho

Leandro Goddinho is a Brazilian filmmaker dedicated to LGBTQ+ issues. He got selected for BERLINALE TALENTS 2018 and won more than 100 awards in Film Festivals around the world. In …

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Marijana Jankovic

Marijana Jankovic

Marijana Jankovic is a Danish actress and director, born in Montenegro. She has established herself as one of Denmark’s most interesting actresses, having starred in numerous award-winning films and has …

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Amira Duynhouwer

Amira Duynhouwer

Amira Duynhouwer graduated from the Dutch Film Academy as a screenwriter in 2019, but discovered, while making Kimya, that her passion lies in directing the stories she writes. If there …

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