Andreea Cristina Borțun


Andreea Cristina Borțun is a Romanian filmmaker and playwright, an alumna of BARD  College Berlin and UNATC Bucharest. Her work blends visual poetry and anthropology to explore origins, female points of view, and nature. Her recent documentaries embody an intersectional female gaze and give a voice to women from the rural. Andreea’s films premiered at Toronto IFF and Karlovy Vary IFF, among others.
Andreea’s feature debut, BLUE BANKS, is currently finishing development with the support of the Romanian CNC and the PACA region French development fund, after having taken part in various international development programs and co-production markets.
Andreea is also the co-founder of Pustnik, an international non-profit screenwriting residency and a mentor for the French Institute’s program “Residence a la Poche” (2020-2021 mandate). As a playwright, Andreea had her debut in a theatre show  directed by Neil LaBute and her first play was part of the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Andreea Cristina Borțun's films at RIFF
When Night Meets Dawn
Short Film Programs 14+
Year: 2021
A teenager’s visceral journey of self-discovery while looking for his friend on the hot streets of the...