Mili Pecherer


After thousands of years of wandering, two immigrants from France and the USSR settled in the Holy Land.
In 1988 they had Mili Pecherer as a fruit of their love.
Why does one leave his homeland? We don’t know.
Therefore, Mili has taken off, and ever since she’s been strolling the byways, equipped with a small camera.
She documents in a free-flow her meetings with ordinary people and animals, in their everyday life, and transforms them into films.
Mili’s adventures have so far taken place in Israel, Finland, Russia, Spain, and France, Supported by various institutions like the Bezalel Academy, VGIK, Lahti university of applied sciences, BilbaoArte and Le Fresnoy -Studio national des arts contemporains.
She currently lives in Marseille, in order not to be too far from the sea.


Mili Pecherer's films at RIFF
It Wasn't the Right Mountain, Mohammad
EFA Shorts Program II
Year: 2020
An ancient tale of religion set in a digital world, where everyone is guilty of something and...