Steven Wouterlood

Steven Wouterlood


Steven Wouterlood was born in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in 1984. In 2013, he directed Anything Goes (Alles Mag) which won an International Emmy Kids Award and a TIFF Kids Award amongst many other awards and nominations worldwide. The TIFF Kids Award has also been awarded to his short film King’s Day (Koningsdag) followed by several other awards, including the Jury Award of the Chicago Int. Children’s Film Festival. His TV series Remi, Nobody’s Boy (Alleen op de Wereld) was nominated for an Emmy Kids Award in 2018. My Extraordinary Summer with Tess (Mijn Bizonder rare Week met Tess) is his first feature film.


2016 - Remi, Nobody’s Boy (Alleen op de Wereld)
2016 - Superstar VR
2015 - King’s Day (Koningsdag)
2014 - Anything Goes (Alles Mag)
2013 - The Girl Across the Street
2007 - Loose (Los)

Steven Wouterlood's films at RIFF
My Extraordinary Summer with Tess
EFA Young Audience Awards
Year: 2019
Sam is the youngest in his family and is afraid of being left alone. On holiday on...