Children & Youth Program

Children & Youth Program offers children different films than those usually offered in cinemas. The films touch on social issues and create intellectual discussions between children after the screenings. In this way, they can find in their own way solutions to certain issues that enriches their social consciousness.

Children & Youth Program has been held for preschools and primary schools since almost the beginning. The program screenings are short films that are suitable for each age group. Each film category contains 6-8 short films and is about 70-90 minutes long. All programs include supporting material that facilitates the supervisor’s discussion with students.

Children & Youth Program is a fun and educational experience where the children are given material on film literacy. The teachers who take part are also given special teaching material that is prepared for each category and is useful in their teaching. The implementation of the projects depends on the topic, but in general the study material is based on group work, discussion, reflection, critical thinking and questions. 

Let’s teach children film literacy and critical thinking
Let’s introduce them to different aspects of the world through the lens of films
Let´s awake their interest in social issues

Our hope is that with this course, we will see more girls behind the camera which will lead to a better representation of girls and women on screen.

Children & Youth Program 2021

RIFF 2020’s children’s and youth program was held in collaboration with List fyrir alla (Art for All), where an impressive program consisting of European short films was offered. The pictures were shown in the Nordic House during the festival where kids from kindergarten and primary school got to see selected films.  Furthermore Bíóbíll RIFF went around the country showing the programs for pre-schools and primary schools in the countryside. In the evening, a Bílabíó was held, which was a huge success.

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