Amira Duynhouwer

Amira Duynhouwer


Amira Duynhouwer graduated from the Dutch Film Academy as a screenwriter in 2019, but discovered, while making Kimya, that her passion lies in directing the stories she writes. If there were a common denominator to discern in her work, it would be the tiny things that make us human. Quiet moments of joy and immense sadness. The most important part of her stories are the relationships we people share with each other. When Amira is not making films, she’s probably cooking (or eating) in a restaurant as a line cook, or at home for anyone with an appetite.


(2019) Kimya (short)

Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Short Film Programs 9+
Year: 2019
Josie’s childhood home has always been open to guests and the doors are never locked. Josie has...