Brúsi Ólason

Brúsi Ólason


Brúsi Ólason is an Icelandic director, screenwriter and editor. In 2015 Brúsi graduated from the University of Iceland where he majored in film studies and minored in creative writing. He then entered the MFA program in film at Columbia University in New York where he currently studies directing. His films have been selected into numerous festivals, and won awards at festivals such as the Stockfish film festival (winner 2018 for Viktoría) and the Cacho Pallero Award at the Huesca International Film Festival for Premonición in 2017.


2017 Sjáumst (short)
2018 Viktoría (short)
2017 Premonición (short)

Brúsi Ólason's films at RIFF
Icelandic Shorts I, Short Film Programs 6+
Year: 2020
A six-year-old boy of divorced parents spends a weekend at his dad’s farm. Not knowing how to...