David Findlay


David Findlay is a writer-director and Arts graduate of the University of British Columbia. His work focuses on the earnest examination of human behaviour and is known for seamlessly straddling the line between fiction and documentary, viewing his subject matter through a highly cinematic and empathetic lens.


2020 Ndagukunda Déjà (Short)

2020 Found Me (Short)

2018 Everything Outside (Feature)

2015 Nephew (Short)

2014 The Middle Distance (Short)

2013 Callback (Short)

2011 C'est pas la fin du monde (Short)

Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Ndagukunda Déjà / I love you always
International Shorts III
Year: 2020
After meeting his Rwandan father in Montreal for the first time at 28 years of age, Québécois...