Fredrik Gertten

Fredrik Gertten


Fredrik Gertten is an award-winning Swedish director and journalist. His latest works Becoming Zlatan (2016), Bikes vs Cars (2015), Big Boys Gone Bananas! (2012) and Bananas! (2009) have been seen by audiences in over 100 countries and screened at leading festivals. In 2017 Fredrik was awarded an honorary doctorate at Malmö University’s Faculty of Culture and Society for his work as a documentary filmmaker.


2019 Jozi Gold (Documentary)
2019 Push (Documentary)
2015 Becoming Zlatan ... (Documentary)
2015 Bikes vs Cars (Documentary)
2012 The Invisible Bicycle Helmet (Short)
2011 Big Boys Gone Bananas!* (Documentary)
2009 Bananas!* (Documentary)
2005 The Socialist, the Architect and the Twisted Tower (Documentary)
2005 An Ordinary Family (Documentary)
2002 Vägen tillbaka - Blådårar 2 (Documentary)
2002 Bye Bye Malmö (Documentary)
2000 The Death of a Working Man's Newspaper (Documentary)
2000 Gå på vatten (Documentary)
1998 Blådårar - Om kärleken till ett fotbollslag (Documentary)

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