György Pálfi


György Pálfi (director) first picked up a Super 8 camera at the age of 13 and decided to become a filmmaker. He studied directing from 1995-2000 at the Theatre and Film Academy in Budapest under Sándor Simó. His latest film, TAXIDERMIA, which he co-wrote with his wife, Zsófia Ruttkay, won the award for Best Film and the Gene Moskowitz Prize of Foreign Critics at the 37th Hungarian Filmweek. Their screenplay won the Sundance/NHK award for Best European Film Project in 2004.
Palfi’s first feature, HUKKLE, won the Fassbinder Award of the European Film Academy in 2002, and Best First Film, the Gene Moskowitz Prize of Foreign Critics, the Student Award, and the Hungarian Critics Award at the 33rd Hungarian Filmweek. He shared the Best Collective Creators prize, and also earned the Best Producers prize at the 34th Hungarian Film Week for his segment “SHAMAN VS. ICARUS” in the omnibus film A BUS CAME…
Before that he directed several shorts, including BREAK AND CSEKK II (1995), THE FISHICHTYS (1997), DEVIL’S KNOT, THE 7TH ROOM IN THE KNOCK-KNOCK (1999), and ROUND AND ROUND (1999), the last of which played at numerous international festivals.


György Pálfi's films at RIFF
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