Ion de Sosa


Born in Donostia, Spain in 1981, Ion de Sosa studied at the Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid and is a cinematographer, producer and director, primarily of 16mm films. He currently lives in Barcelona but spent the last ten years in Berlin. His films have screened at festivals including Locarno, Toronto and Hong Kong. His feature film Sueñan los androides (Androids Dream) screened in the 2015 Forum. He would love to direct a Batman sequel.


2019 The Golden Legend (Short)

2014 Androids Dream (Feature)

2011 True Love (Feature)


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

The Golden Legend
International Shorts II
Year: 2019
People of all ages enjoy themselves at the pool in Montánchez in Spain. It’s an almost utopian...