Jesse Darling


Jesse Darling is an artist working in sculpture, installation, video, drawing, text, sound, and performance. Their work is broadly concerned with what it means to be a body in the world, though what that means is both politically charged and culturally determined. Their practice draws on their own experience as well as the narratives of history and counterhistory. Imagining the “high church of the modern” as a moveable or precarious tabernacle, JD’s works and writing feature an array of free-floating consumer goods, liturgical devices, construction materials, fictional characters, and mythical symbols detached from the architectures, hierarchies, and taxonomies in which they have their place.


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Everything Happened So Much: Archive as Poem in an Age of Perpetual Witnessing
The One Minutes
Year: Various
“There are different ways to tell a story. I wanted to think about the way we bear...