Johanne Helgeland


Johanne Helgeland belongs to the first alumni of directors from the Norwegian Film School. She is one of the country’s most experienced female commercial directors and has also directed several music videos. She has worked extensively with drama-comedy, such as Melonas for NRK and NAV for TVNorge, and several children’s series (Kampen (2013), Den Magiske Kroppen(2015)). In 2006 she made the shorts of the Ekko Ibsen series, with Marika Lagercrantz and Aksel Hennie starring. She also wrote the screenplay together with writer Jens M. Johansson.


Johanne Helgeland's films at RIFF
The Crossing
EFA Young Audience Awards
Year: 2020
Two children are left to their own devices, when their parents are arrested for being in the...