Jonas Poher Ramussen


Jonas Poher Ramussen (Writer, Director) is a Danish/French film director born in 1981. He debuted in 2006 with the acclaimed TV documentary Something About Halfdan, followed by a series of radio documentaries from around the world. He graduated from the Danish film school Super16 in 2010.

His feature film debut Searching for Bill, a mix of documentary and fiction, won him the Nordic Dox award at CPH:DOX, and the international competition prize at DocAviv.

In November 2015 he premiered his latest documentary What He Did, which won the prestigious Fipresci (Int. Federation of Film Critics) at Thessaloniki Film Fest. 2016.

His new film FLEE, an animated documentary about a close friend, was officially selected for Cannes 2020.


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Year: 2021
The true story of Amin, who came from Afghanistan to Denmark as an unaccompanied minor. On the...