Kabinett + El Pampero Cine


KABINETT is a digital platform bringing together emerging and established artists, musicians and filmmakers. Our concern about the current state of our world has led us to pay special attention to initiatives committed to stopping the continuous environmental collapse of our planet as well as taking action towards eliminating social inequality. Through the years, KABINETT has been actively creating events and conversations that allow us to clarify our thoughts about the world in which we live. With a focus on climate change awareness, mindfulness and ways to be better as human beings giving a voice to people we believe should be heard.


El Pampero Cine is an Argentinean production company known by its opposition to some institutional mechanisms and funding formulas.




Kabinett + El Pampero Cine's films at RIFF
Cinema Beats
Year: 2021
A group of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, activists and leaders from around the world discuss the future...