Ken Are Bongo

Ken Are Bongo


Ken Are Bongo comes from a Sámi village Guovdageaidnu and is a producer, director, cinematographer and editor. He graduated from Nordland Art and Film School in Kabelvåg and since 2006 he has worked full time with film and TV production.


2020 Hvem ringer? (TV Mini-Series short) (1 episode)
2018 Ara Marumaru (Short)
2007 Biegga savkala duoddariid duohken lea soames (Short) (co-director)

Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Sami Shorts
Year: 2018
In the wilderness of the tundra somewhere in Sápmi, a reindeerherder and his daughter are in a...