Kenneth Sorento

Kenneth Sorento


Not only the director of this film but, Kenneth Sorento is also the cinematographer and sound engineer. Sorento has participated in several assignments in Greenland and in the Arctic, including the Galathea Expedition and two icebreaker expeditions to the North Pole. Cultural encounters have been part of his life since childhood, growing up in Spain with his Danish parents.


2020 The Fight for Greenland
2019 Climates Frozen in Time
2018 Measuring Climate Change in Greenland
2015 Conquering the North Pole
2009 Turf War in No Man’s Land
2007 Galathea - Klimatruslen i havet
2005 Pachamama
2004 Winter Swimmer
2003 Yego
2001 On Bicycle to China

Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

The Fight for Greenland
Arctic and Beyond
Year: 2020
What does the future hold for Greenland? Should Greenland become a sovereign state or on the contrary...