Maja Borg


Maja Borg was born in Norrköping Sweden, in 1982. She is an Artist and Film Director, working with documentary and experimental film and is as likely to exhibit her work on television as in art galleries.
Already back in 2005, Borg’s To She In Me was selected for the Culture Bound 7, East Wing Collection at the Courtauld Institute, London, and so she became the youngest artist ever to exhibit in this context. Her 52-minute ECA graduation film Look at Lucia (2006) won several awards and her 13-minute experimental documentary Ottica Zero (2007) has had great international acclaim both within film festivals and the visual art context.
In 2009 she took part in the widely debated Dirty Diaries project, produced by Mia Engberg, and has since been involved in several panel discussions on the importance of finding new ways of depicting female sexuality.
In 2010 Borg was bestowed an honorary award for distinguished work by Filmform – Archive for Swedish art film and experimental video.
Borg’s first feature film Future My Love, which was produced over a period of five years, premiered at EIFF 2012 and was nominated for the Michael Powell award and distributed internationally. The film was both screened on Swedish television and as part of The Modern Exhibition at the Modern Art Museum in Malmö.
In 2014 and her short film We The Others was performed live at Tate Britain, London’s Institute of Contemporary Art and on Dazed Digital Video gallery.
Borg’s work explores political alternatives and personal ‘otherness’ and is often focussed on the deconstruction of culture, economy, sexuality, mythology and language itself. Borg also works as a cinematographer and editor with various artists around the world. In 2014 Borg was heralded as ‘a Dazed Visionary’ – One of the Top Ten Female Filmmakers in the World to Watch.

”The work of Maja Borg exists at the intersection of documentary, fiction, and experimental film fusing the languages of these genres into a compelling, visually rich, and politically astute body of work. Borg’s films are as likely to be seen in film festivals or television as they are in the visual arts context. The artist uniquely succeeds in defying genre expectations and her language seamlessly combines elements of animation, experimental camera, and sound techniques with tools of documentary filmmaking. Her films have tackled subjects ranging from investigations of myths and traditions, borders of desire and violence, and, most recently, urgent contemporary issues such as the crisis of capitalism and the global environmental and economic downturn, investigating what options one has in such a dystopian landscape.”
– Lina Dzuverovic, co-founder and Director of Electra – contemporary art agency, London.


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Year: 2021
After leaving a toxic relationship, filmmaker Maja Borg embarks on a dark and deeply personal journey of...