Matías Piñeiro


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina 1982. Screenwriter and director, he lives in New York, USA. During the last ten years he has been developing a cycle of films based on the female roles in William Shakespeare’s comedies called “The Shakespeareads”. He is also a film professor and a film programmer. He is currently working with Gallicean filmmaker Lois Patiño on Ariel, a feature film based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”.


2022- Ariel, co-directed with Lois Patiño (pre-production)
2021– Sycorax co-directed with Lois Patiño
2020– Isabella
2016- Hermia & Helena
2014- La Princesa de Francia / The Princess of France
2012- Viola
2010- Rosalinda
2009- Todos mienten / They all lie
2007- El hombre robado / The stolen man
2006- A próposito de Buenos Aires / Regarding Buenos Aires, collective film.


Matías Piñeiro's films at RIFF
International Shorts, International Shorts III
Year: 2021
A film that explores its own take on the character of Sycorax, from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest.