Mina Mileva

Mina Mileva


Mina Mileva’s authored animated films were officially selected at many festivals and received awards. She entered the British animation industry in 1996 and worked as an animation director/animator and line producer for films, commercials, and TV series. In 2008 Mina set up the company “Activist 38” that produces activist documentary films.

Mina Milena and Vesela Kazakova have been named “The Demonic Duo” by a member of the Bulgarian Parliament, who was insulted by the content of their movies. Their documentary Uncle Tony, Three Fools, and the Secret Service, which revolved around power games in the film industry under Communism, created a tempest of reactions including legal actions against the two directors. At the same time, the film was screened in cinemas in Bulgaria for seven months and received numerous international awards.

Their following film The Beast Is Still Alive, linking today’s prominent political figures to the shady Communist past, was pulled down from national broadcast due to fierce reactions by the representatives of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. The gifted duo moved into fiction films with Cat in the Wall, which was screened at the Locarno Film Festival.


2020 Cat in the Wall
2016 The Beast Is Still Alive (Documentary)
2014 Uncle Tony, Three Fools and the Secret Service (Documentary)
2008 Zaradi Lelia Sneje (Documentary)

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