Ömer Sami

Ömer Sami


Ömer Sami (b. 1993) is a documentary filmmaker of British-Trinidadian, Turkish-Irish descent. He tells character-led stories, often as seen through a child’s eyes and mind. His recent film Sam and the Plant Next Door (The Guardian) received an Ekko Shortlist Award for Best Documentary, was nominated for an IDA Documentary Award, Danish Academy Award (Robert Award), Critics’ Choice Award after premiering at the 2019 Camden International Film Festival (CIFF). His work as director and editor has been featured on Vimeo Staff Pick, The Guardian, The Atlantic, Aeon, Scandinavian broadcasters DR and SVT, and at festivals worldwide.


2019 Sam and the Plant Next Door (Short)

2017 A Place in the Family (Short)


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Sam and the Plant Next Door
Short Film Programs 12+
Year: 2019
Growing up in the shadows of Britain’s biggest new nuclear power plant, 11-year-old Sam is worried about...