Petteri Saario

Petteri Saario


Petteri Saario is an award-winning documentarist who directs, shoots, and produces his own films. In addition to these, he also writes and edits his documentaries and series. During his career, he has directed dozens of documentary series and films which have been screened on TV and film festivals around the world. He is the founder of DocArt and Taiga Films and manages both companies.


2020 Veden valtakunta (TV Series documentary)
2019 Vedenneito (Documentary)
2017 Asvalttiviidakot (TV Series documentary)
2017 The Activist (Documentary)
2016 Erämaan lumo (TV Series documentary) (6 episodes)
2013 Veden saartamat (TV Series documentary) (4 episodes)
2012 Järviemme helmet (TV Series documentary) (6 episodes)
2011 Autiomaa (Documentary)
2010 Utsjoen Beckhamit (TV Movie documentary)
2009 Rajankäyntiä (TV Series documentary)
2008 Sergei the Healer (Documentary)
2007 Kansanluonto (Documentary)
2006 Jokiemme helmet (TV Series documentary) (6 episodes)
2004 Kalavale (Documentary)
2004 The Sisu Stone (Documentary)
2004I tämeren helmet (TV Mini-Series)

Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Winter Lake
Short Film Programs 12+
Year: 2019
You’ve got to be crazy to go camping in winter, right? Wrong! Thirteen­-year-­old Emika and her cousin...