Stella Kyriakopoulos

Stella Kyriakopoulos


Stella Kyriakopoulos was born in NJ, USA to Greek parents who moved her back to Greece at the age of 9. She studied Sculpture at Swarthmore College in the USA and the Athens School of Fine Arts in Greece. She received her MFA in Film Direction from the Graduate Film Program at New York University. She’s a Sarajevo Talent Campus (2013) and Berlin Talent Campus (2015) alumna. Her thesis short film “Volta” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival where it received the Women in Film Production grant. The film was awarded Best Short Film by the Hellenic Film Academy and traveled to over 100 film festivals worldwide. Her latest short film “Mom’s Movie,” premiered at the Locarno Film Festival. Stella currently lives in Barcelona and is working on her debut feature, Blue Star.


2019 Mom's movie (Short)

2015 Volta (Short)

2014 Walk (Short)

2013 Bob Goes to the Parthenon (Short)

2009 Girl (Short)

Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Mom´s Movie
International Shorts II
Year: 2019
Survival, motherhood, and movies all collide in a backyard pool. While proudly filming her 2-year-old daughter’s survival...