Svetlana Rodina


* 1965. Laurent Stoop has a degree in literature and photography. As DOP he shot various television and feature
documentaries, including the award-winning and critically acclaimed CITIZEN KHODORKOVSKY (2016).
Selected filmography as DOP:
2020 THAT GIRL by Cornelia Gantner, cinema documentary, ‘88
2019 GYRANTHERA-on the traces of Henri Pittier by Murra Zabel, documentary, 52’
2017 SYRIE, LE CRI ETOUFEE by Manon Loizeau, documentary feature, 72′
2016 CITIZEN KHODORKOVSKY by Eric Bergkraut, cinema documentary, 86ʹ
2012 BOTTLED LIFE by Urs Schnell, cinema documentary, 90’
2010 LETTER TO ANNA by Eric Bergkraut, cinema documentary, 90


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

Ostrov - Lost Island
A Different Tomorrow
Year: 2021
Poaching is a means of survival on the island of Ostrov. Ivan risks his life and freedom...