Thessa Meijer

Thessa Meijer


Thessa Meijer is a Dutch writer and director based in Amsterdam. She graduated in 2015 from the HKU University of Arts and was awarded the Netherlands Film Festival’s Dioraphte Award and a Wildcard from the Netherlands Film Fund. What followed was a mid-length television film, The Day My House Fell, which screened at several international festivals and got selected for the Debut competition at the forthcoming Netherlands Film Festival. Her music video Mind Dear premiered on Nowness, was shown at SXSW Film Festival, and got nominated for a 3FM Award Best Video. Her new short film The Walking Fish with HALAL was made during an Artist in Residence project in Saga, Japan. Thessa’s work is characterized by dreamy magical realism with a dry and humorous undertone.


Hitte (Short), (2019 )

Nervosa (Short), (2019)

The Walking Fish (Short), (2018)

The Day My House Fell (Short), (2017)

Sue the Night: Mind Dear (Short), (2017)

Erkhii Mergen, or Why the Marmot Doesn't Have a Thumb (Short), (2015)

Op wie de regen valt (Short), (2013)


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