Vincent Boy Kars

Vincent Boy Kars


Vincent Boy Kars has made a name for himself by focusing on documentaries in which he investigates topics such as identity, self-image, and sexuality, focussing on his own generation; the millennial. He often examines these elements in the context of the digital age and the way in which the connected era has a vital role in these aspects of human life. Being himself part of the first generation that is dealing with the endless possibilities of the Internet, he is highly driven to reveal the consequences of this phenomenon.
In his directing, Vincent always aims to challenge and play with the construction of the form. In this sense he encourages the viewer to consider questions such as ‘what is real/unreal, ‘what do we experience as authentic and true, and ‘when is a documentary staged and acted’?
The young director’s distinct visual language is influenced by this approach, and he is flirting with the borders between fiction and reality. His directing debut ‘My First Porn Film’ is an example of Vincent’s philosophy. His 2017 documentary ‘Independent Boy’, in which the underlying theme is to challenge society’s definition of success, premiered at IDFA.


Kvikmyndir leikstjórans á RIFF

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