Yoriko Mizushiri


Born in 1984, Yoriko Mizushiri is a freelance film director who graduated from the Joshibi University of Art
and Design in Japan, where she made some of her previous works like Shiri-play (2005), Kappo (2006), Enyogu (2007), Lena Lena (2009), and Sushi (2011), inspired by the iconic manga cartoonist Yasuji Tanioka and young painter Tomoko Kashiki. Then, she has been engaged in her trilogy that focuses on the sense of touch: Futon (2012), Snow Hut (2013), and Veil (2014). With these films, She has been nominated and garnered awards at the most important animation festivals like Berlinale Annecy and Zagreb. Sensitive, fluid, physical, erotic, meditative, melancholy, and feminine, the films, installations, music videos, and designs by Yoriko Mizushiri offer new perspectives on separate body parts, based on infinitely talented control of the line and movement, a choice of light, ‘corporeal colors’ like pink and purple and without superfluous emotionality in the face and eyes. Her hand-drawn animation offers haptic suggestions, delves into fragments of daily life, tiny gestures and moments, and immerses deep into the abysses of the unconscious. The serene rhythm of Mizushiri’s works leaves the door open for the viewers to let themselves go to intimate interpretation.

Filmographie / Filmography:
Futon, 2012
Kamakura (Snow Hut), 2013
Maku (Veil), 2014


Yoriko Mizushiri's films at RIFF
Anxious Body
Animated! Shorts, International Shorts, International Shorts II
Year: 2021
Living and artificial things, geometric shapes, and lines. When things of a different nature come together, something...