Watermelon Juice

Short Fiction
Miriam Porté, Gerard Marginedas
22 mín
Irene Moray

Barbara and Pol spend a few days on holiday with a group of friends in a house surrounded by nature. They want to have a good time and find a peaceful space where they can enjoy their intimacy. With the support of Pol, in the midst of nature, between tears and laughter, Barbara will heal old wounds and redefine her sexuality.

Irene Moray
Irene Moray


Yfirlýsingu leikstjóra

“My aim with this film was to explain an honest love story and present a female character who is capable of overcoming an episode of sexual abuse. Nowadays and especially in my country, Spain, rape is still a very common situation and a huge taboo. When people talk about this reality the focus is always on the trauma instead of in the chance of healing.

The innovation of this film is not only in the theme, but in the point of view from which it is explained. We travel with a couple for a weekend to observe the chances of learning and renewal that can result from this experience. With love, trust and compassion, they both will redefine their sexuality and help her to reconnect with her body.

For me, it is particularly important to present a healthy relationship model, avoiding the toxic clichés that we usually find on the screen. That’s why the female protagonist, far from being a victim, is a strong, assertive and fun person, and also that’s why I draw a sensitive male co-protagonist with enough emotional intelligence to accompany her in this complex process.

I based my work with the actors in guided meditations that I made up for them, in order to bring them into a state of real connection and vulnerability. We also used tantra exercices to help them connect with each other at a deeper level and create a strong bond of trust.

The film crew was strongly led by women and everyone helped to create a safe environment on set for the protagonists to be comfortable, which was key for the outcome of the piece.
It is very important to me to explain this story and spread it around the world. My wish is to create an alternative narrative for this usually painful experience, one that can bring light and hope.”