All films have arrived in Iceland!

The journey of the films that are screened at RIFF every year is unknown to many of our guests, but the truth is that most of them travel around the world before and after stopping by at Reykjavík International Film Festival.

The way it works is that the producer or another person linked to the production creates a few so called DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) which then travel the world. At RIFF it is one of our main partners, TVG-Zimsen, which  makes it possible for all of us to enjoy the films in Háskólabíó, Nordic House and elsewhere, as they’re the ones taking care of the transport to Iceland.

This means that TVG-Zimsen picks the package up from the producer, distributor or another film festival and transports it to Iceland, where the RIFF team receives it and makes sure everything is in order. If that is the case, the DCP goes onto the cinema where a technician makes sure everything works as it should. More often than not the film is then repacked and picked up by a courier to be delivered at the next destination. A digital copy of the film is left in Iceland so that film enthusiasts can enjoy them during the festival!

The Other Side of the Wall

As an example The Other Side of the Wall came to RIFF from the Doc House London festival, and it has already been shipped to the Zurich Film Festival from Iceland. Gabriel and the Mountain came from Bergen IFF and is now onto the Warsaw Film Festival. School Life came all the way from South Korea and Atlantis from Australia, making them the films with the longest journey to Iceland.

The last DCP for RIFF this year arrived at our headquarters last night from Belgium, meaning that now all the films of RIFF 2017 are here! RIFF would like to thank TVG-Zimsen for this very important partnership and naturally we also encourage you all to go see these well-travelled films!