200 metrar

Ævintýramyndir, Drama
May Oden
90 mín
Ameen Nayfeh

Mustafa og eiginkona hans Salwa búa 200 metra frá hvort öðru í sitthvoru þorpinu sem eru aðskilin með múr. Dag einn fær Mustafa símtalið sem hverju foreldri kvíðir fyrir: sonur hans hefur lent í slysi. Hann flýtir sér í átt að ísraelsku landamæraeftirlitsstöðinni en er meinaður aðgangur vegna formsatriðis. Föðurástin er hins vegar skrifræðinu yfirsterkari og Mustafa er tilbúinn að leggja allt í sölurnar til að komast til sonar síns. 200 metra fjarlægð breytist í 200 kílómetra ferðalag er Mustafa reynir að finna leið til að smygla sér yfir múrinn.

RIFF - Ameen Nayfeh director
Ameen Nayfeh


Yfirlýsingu leikstjóra

“I carry lots of memories that I no longer have access to, or it could be that I fear to dwell back into it. Oppression does alienate you as it denies you your basic rights; especially when you start adapting to it!

A forced separation aches a lot. 200 Meters is my story and the story of thousands of Palestinians, and stories can definitely alter lives. I believe in the power of the cinema and how it touches our lives and magical ways. I need to tell this story.

Images of the wall, checkpoints and soldiers are probably what come to mind when Palestine is mentioned. Although these images are also in this film, the focus will be on what such a separation does to us as human beings. And to shed more light on the invisible barriers and walls that are created as a result of the physical barrier.

Here, in Palestine we got used to adapting to new situations, to do as we’re told and camouflage our feelings. But this should no longer be acceptable. Freedom of movement is a very basic human right that seems to be a fairytale in such a brutal reality. The main character Mustafa has obeyed the rules, endured the humiliation and did as told in order to secure a small chance to be with his family, but when the same rules that alienated his life put his family and fatherhood at risk, will he obey it any longer?”