Golden Egg 2019 Selection

RIFF proudly presents the selection for the Golden Egg competition in 2019.
Participants in the Talent Lab have the opportunity of submitting a short film to be considered for this prestigious competition.

The films that were selected to compete for the Golden Egg this year are :

Wilma                                                                  Haukur Björgvinsson (Iceland)
The Rocketship                                                  Chris Bogle (United Kingdom)
Antifeminist                                                        Sofija Sztepanov (Hungary)
Les Homards Immortels (Night Song)          Kate Voet (Belgium)
MAYA                                                                   Vikas Chandra  (India)
Fifteen (Quince)                                                 Peiman Zekavat (United Kingdom/Peru)
Lieutenant at Arms                                           Kerri Ann Foweraker (Australia)
In the Fall                                                            Tom Gentle  (United Kingdom)
The Fourth Parcae                                             Angelica Gallo (Italy)
Muero por volver                                               Javier Marco (Spain)
Somebody’s Daughter                                       Shalini Adnani (United Kingdom/India)
Cuckoo!                                                               Jörgen Scholtens (Netherlands)
Bad Assistant                                                     Paige Klone (United States)

The threefold motto of the Reykjavík International Film Festival (Innovation – Networking – Dialogue) is perfectly manifested in the activities of the Talent Lab. The lab highlights and promotes the innovative works of young filmmakers and fosters as well as facilitates the networking necessary to promote their work to buyers and distributors. Further, attendees gain the opportunity to participate in dialogue and exchange ideas and thoughts with young people from across the world.

The program of Reykjavik Talent Lab varies between years. Last year we had a good combination of masterclasses, panels, workshops and fun. Among the ones who will talk this edition are awarded Icelandic director Benedikt Erlingsson,  Danish producer Katja Adomeit & Director of Interactive Programs at Tribeca Film Institute Zeina Abi Assy.

The participants of the 2019 Reykjavik Talent Lab will get guidance on how to promote their works in the international market by holding pitching sessions.


This year the Talent Lab has 40 participants of 15 different nationalities all over the globe.

We are thrilled to welcome them to RIFF 2019.