Katja Adomeit comes to RIFF

Katja Adomeit will be honorary guest on RIFF as an Emerging master. Katja is a German producer, based in Denmark and Germany. She loves the creative and financial side of producing and is in a constant search of new ideas that matter and different processes during development and production, that allow for new and different results. Katja is known  for, just to name a few, Wolf and Sheep, The Orphanage, The Weight of Elephants, Pine Ridge, Loving Pia, Force Majeure, Team Hurricane and The Square and many more, and have worked in numerous countries including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Germany, France, Russia, Ukraine and New Zealand. 

She established and owns Adomeit Film in Denmark and in Germany, where she produces international fiction films, focusing on arthouse projects by young filmmakers from all over the world. For the future, Katja wants to combine arthouse with entertainment.

The RIFF audience will be able to enjoy her work in the screenings of The Orphanage (competing in New Visions), Team Hurricane and Resin.