The Seer and the Unseen screened tonight

Monday 30. september we will screen many interesting documentaries. Among others The Seer and the Unseen, Gods of Molenbeek, Midnight Traveler, The Last tour, The Cold Case of Hammarskjöld and The Advocate.

The Seer and the Unseen is an unexpected environmental documentary that tells the story of Ragnhildur, an Icelandic grandmother and seer who speaks on behalf of nature under threat. Told from her perspective, her journey becomes an allegory for the human relationship to nature and development in the wake of the global financial collapse.

Screened on Monday 30th of September at 23:00 in Bíó Paradís. The film will be screened again the 5th of October in Bíó Paradís at 15:00 and after that screening the director, Sara Dosa, will take a Q&A.