RIFF among the best in Europe

The British newspaper The New European recently published a list for European film festivals not to be missed in 2017. RIFF made it to the list, which features several renowned festivals such as Cannes, Venice and Edinburgh.

In the article each festival has been given a descriptive nickname with Cannes being called “The Big One” and Venice “The Prestigious One.”

RIFF is deemed “The Youthful One,” due partly to it’s focus on up-and-coming directors:

Reykjavik International Film Festival
“The Youthful One”

Founded relatively recently — in 2004 — it’s not just that the Reykjavik festival is itself a new contender. In order to mark itself out from the Cannes and Berlins of the world, its organisers decided that its big prize (the Golden Puffin) could only ever go to directors bringing their first or second movies. Which has made this chilly Icelandic event a target for hot new talent the world over. “Our aim,” festival director Hrönn Marinósdóttir told The Guardian in 2011, “is to present the new generation of directors.”

The New European’s complete list of European film festivals not to be missed in 2017 is as follows:

  1. Cannes Film Festival – The Big One
  2. Edinburgh International Film Festival – The Cool One
  3. Il Cinema Ritrovato – The Retro One
  4. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival – The Eastern One
  5. Locarno International Film Festival – The Fresh-Air One
  6. Frightfest – The Scary One
  7. Venice International Film Festival – The Prestigious One
  8. Deauville American Film Festival – The Americophile One
  9. Oldenburg International Film Festival – The Edgy One
  10. San Sebastián International Film Festival – The Punchy One
  11. Reykjavik International Film Festival – The Youthful One
  12. BFI London Film Festival – The ‘Greatest-Hits’ One
  13. Trieste International Science+Fiction Film Festival – The Cosmic One
  14. Gijon International Film Festival – The One For Kids

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