RIFF would like to express our gratitude to Live Cinema UK and MEDIA EU for their significant contribution in making the following events possible at RIFF 2018. Each event exceeded our expectations and added a special something to the festival:

RIFF around town and RIFF around country 

One minute films in collaboration with The One Minutes Institute in the Netherlands and shorts will be screened around Reykjavík as well at venues around the country during the RIFF festival. These special events were open for everyone and free of charge. 

RIFF was all around Reykjavik and all around the country during the festival. With venues around Reykjavik and in the west and east of Iceland. One minute films in collaboration with the The One Minute Institute in the Netherlands and short films were screened. Venues included Hitt Húsið, Hlaðan in Gufunes, City library at Grófin, Loft Hostel, City Busses and Keflavik International Airport. Skjaldborg Cinema at Patreksfjörður in the west fjords and Sláturhúsið at Egilsstaðir in the east of the country.

Cinema inspired Improv

An improvised comedy show from Improv Iceland. This one off RIFF event was inspired by cinema. Everything was made up on the spot, including a musical with songs, fully improved and inspired by suggestions from the audience.

NUNITUS screening and concert

Nuntius is a 60 min film starring the Finnish futurist actor Mr. Normall. The film is shown exclusively with live sound performed by electronic music maestros Jimi Tenor and Jori Hulkkonen. The film is a one man´s journey from one dimension to another and is an event that one must experience live in person. The event was co-sponsored by The Icelandic-Finnish Cultural foundation.