Section: Cinema Beats


A group of artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, activists and leaders from around the world discuss the future of our planet and the challenges humanity is facing in the coming decades. …

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Casablanca Beats

Anas, a former rapper, starts working in a cultural centre and encourages his students to express and empower themselves through hip hop.

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché

The death of Poly Styrene, punk icon, and X-Ray Spex front-woman, sends her daughter on a journey through her mother’s archives in this intimate documentary.

a-ha: The Movie

Three young Norsemen followed their impossible dream of becoming pop stars. When „Take On Me“ topped the Billboard charts in the US in 1985, the dream came true. Or did …

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Sisters With Transistors

Theremins and synthesizers abound in this glorious ode to electronic music’s female pioneers. Composers like Delia Derbyshire utterly transformed the way music is produced and experienced.