Section: Dutch Shorts II

Lost on Arrival

An older man dreams of retirement in the Caribbean Islands, but upon arrival, dementia starts to set in.

Marlon Brando

Step-Siblings have both come out of the closet and found support in each other, but future plans threaten their bond.

Improvised Objects

Although billions are spent each year on state-of-the-art weapons, the deadliest of them are still low-budget DIY devices.

En Route

Two kids join their father on a special trip through the city, attempting to cause delays with the goal of attaining sweets.

When You Hear the Divine Call

Questions of identity abound in this short documentary about what ‘home’ means for a half European, half African young man.


The daughter of a Turkish man in the Netherlands begins to ask her father about his life as an immigrant. The gaps in their conversation tell the biggest story.