Section: EFA Shorts Program I

EFA, The European Film Awards, will be held in for the first time in Reykakvik in December 2020. RIFF will screen a selection of last year’s nominated shorts at our CINEMA BUS, which will be parked during the festival dates outside of the Nordic House.

All Cats are Gray in the Dark

No mere viral cat video can compare with the feline-centric poignancy of Lasse Linder’s astonishingly intimate study of one man’s ardent longing to expand his multi-species household.

Sun Dog

A young locksmith living in Murmansk, a frozen city in the Russian Arctic, fantasizes about the environment around him, separating himself from the city and its people.

Past Perfect

An experimental short that contemplates the distinct malaise of many cities and countries.

In Between

routeIn this empathetic portrait, brothers and their sons, who live in different countries far away from home, build identical houses to express their familial bond.

Community Gardens

The story focuses on strained relations between father and son, whose bond is beset by indifference and turmoil.

Black Sun

After the dog days of summer, a storm approaches during a sudden road trip to a distant island for a funeral. While the deceased is buried in haste, a man …

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Olda (17) is an accused awaiting trial in a juvenile detention centre. His monotone life in prison is gradually intertwined with memories of a police reconstruction of the crime. It …

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