Section: New Visions

In New Visions, eight up-and-coming directors present their first or second feature films and compete for our main prize, the Golden Puffin. These films challenge cinematic conventions and pave the way for tomorrow’s cinema.


The friendship of two inseparable teenage girls is put to the test when they get involved in an accidental murder of a classmate.

Clara sola

A withdrawn 40-year-old woman in Costa Rica experiences a sexual and mystical awakening as she begins a journey to free herself from the repressive religious and social conventions which have …

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Wild Men

To cure his midlife crisis, Martin has fled the modern world and moved into the woods to live like a true savage, but when he meets a lost drug runner, …

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Bruno Reidal, Confession of a Murderer

In 1905, French seminarian Bruno Reidel murders a boy and surrenders himself to authorities. To understand the impulse behind the heinous act, doctors order him to write a memoir.

Queen of Glory

The daughter of Ghanaian immigrants is all set to abandon her Ivy League education to chase her married lover across the country when her mother dies suddenly and leaves her …

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A private banker from Geneva arrives in Argentina to replace his partner, who has mysteriously disappeared. Navigating a clandestine, high finance society ultimately leads him onto paths where sinister forces …

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Following a car accident, which kills her mother, 17-year old Ida moves in with her estranged aunt and her aunt’s grown sons. The home is filled with physical tenderness and …

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Lonely college freshman Alex has closed himself off from his classmates, who all appear to have this whole “college thing” figured out. Home is 1500 miles away and all he …

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