Work in Progress

Work in Progress | RIFF 2022

October 5 | 9:30 - 13:30 | Ráðhús

The annual WIP showcase is held in collaboration with the Icelandic Film Centre showing excerpts from upcoming Icelandic film and TV productions. Since 2021 the WIP is also open to submissions from Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the High North Territories. For the 2022 edition projects from the focus country Spain are also included in the WIP. 

We are proud to announce the selected projects below.

WIP is curated and moderated by Hrönn Marinósdóttir (RIFF Founder and Director) and Fréderic Boyer (RIFF Program Director)

Invitation only. If you would like to request an invitation you may e-mail 




Hrönn Marinósdóttir is Founder and Festival Director of the annual Reykjavík International Film Festival (RIFF). Previously a journalist in Iceland and news correspondant from Berlin.
Gives lectures on cinema and film related subjects.


Frédéric Boyer is the Program Director of RIFF since 2020. Artistic director of the Tribeca Film Festival since 2012 and of the Les Arcs European Film Festival since 2009. Prior to that he was the Artistic Director for two years and Head of Programming for the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes for six years. Boyer’s infatuation with cinema began when he frequented the Cinematheque Française in his youth. He attended the master classes of critics of French New Wave cinema at the Universities of La Sorbonne and Censier.




Selected projects:

Presented by: Sunna Guðnadóttir

Director: Helena Stefáns Magneudóttir
Producer: Sunna Guðnadóttir

Country: Iceland
Genre: Drama
State of Development: Production

A young girl arrives in the city by bus to stay with her estranged grandparents while she auditions for an international art performance group. Her grandparents welcome her with much love, but her father and his twin sister get anxious once they hear about her stay at their parent’s house and try to convince her to leave. When the girl is accepted to the performance group, her grandmother decides to throw a surprise family dinner for her. While the family is gathered in the house to celebrate, dark family secrets merge, and the evening ends with a terrible tragedy that nobody could foresee.

Helena Stefáns Magneudóttir was born in Reykjavík, Iceland and has lived there most of her life. She got her training in acting and directing in Paris, France and her MFA in video art in Gothenburg, Sweden. Helena has a background in dancing which is the foundation of her development into an experimental film director who like to explore human behaviour in connection with visual style and movement in space. Helena has run her own independent film production company, Wonderland films, since 2003. Alongside making short films and documentaries, she has worked as a freelance video artist, making videos for all the biggest theatres in Reykjavík, the opera and the smaller independent theatre companies. Furthermore, she has exhibited a few video art pieces in art galleries.

Sunna Gudnadottir is a film producer with over 10 years’ experience in project management, marketing and business/product development within the cultural and creative industries. Sunna started working for Join Motion Pictures in 2018, after graduating in Film Production from New York Film Academy in Los Angeles. Now Sunna runs her own production company, Bjartsýn Films, that has various projects in development. Sunna co-founded Icelandic Cinema Online in 2009, the first streaming service in Iceland, where it was possible to explore, discover and stream Icelandic feature films, short films and documentaries. Simultaneously with running ICO Sunna assisted several start-ups with fundraising, marketing and product development. Sunna graduated with BA in psychology from the University of Iceland in 2002 and MA in cultural management from Bifröst University in 2011.

Presented by: Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir and Lee Lynch

Directors: Þorbjörg Jónsdóttir and Lee Lynch
Producers: Lee Lynch, Thorbjorg Jonsdottir, Logi Hilmarsson 

Country: Iceland
Genre: Art, History
State of Development: Production 


Based on the Vinland Sagas, In the Land of Meadows is a genre-bending narrative that tells the story of Leifur Eriksson and his half-sister Freydis. It details their discovery of The New World and the subsequent clash between the Icelanders and the first nation peoples in the year 999 A.D.


Thorbjorg Jonsdottir is a filmmaker and video artist from Iceland who holds an MFA degree in filmmaking from California Institute of the Arts and a BA in visual arts from the Iceland University of the Arts. Her films and video works contemplate ethnographic narratives via abstract formalism, discerning preternatural states in which oral-mythology and landscapes collide. Thorbjorg’s films have screened in galleries and the film festival circuit in Europe, Asia and the United States. Her recent short documentary “A tree is like a man” (2019) premiered at CPH:DOX where it competed in the NEXT:WAVE section. 

Raised in Redding, California, Lee Lorenzo Lynch (1980) has been making films since the age of 13. He holds a BFA in Film from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in Fine Art from the USC. His films have been shown at galleries and film festivals such as Sundance, FIDMarseille, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Full Frame, The Viennale and Tribeca, Steve Turner gallery in LA and MOCA. 

Presented by: Tinna Proppé and the director Óskar Þór Axelsson

Director: Óskar Þór Axelsson 
Producer: Tinna Proppé, Hilmar Sigurdsson, Dirk Schweitser, Anita Elsani
Production company: Sagafilm
Coproduction company: Splendid Films
Executive Producers: Ralph Christians, Kjartan Thor Thordarson, Adalsteinn Jóhannsson
Script: Marteinn Thórsson 
Cinematography: Árni Filippusson
Editor: Gunnar B. Gudbjörnsson and Kristján Loðmfjörð
Music: Frank Hall
Cast: Vivian Ólafsdóttir, Jack Fox, Iain Glen, Woten Wilke Möhring, Ólafur Darri Ólafsson
Sound design: Nicholas Liebing
Costumes: Sylvía Dögg Halldórsdóttir
Production design: Heimir Sverrisson

Country: Iceland, Germany
Genre: Thriller
State of Development: Post-production


Young Icelandic lawyer Kristin gets drawn into the vortex of an international conspiracy when she receives grainy footage of an old airplane wreck, recently revealed by the melting of one of Iceland’s largest glaciers.The old German World War II plane not only brings ruthless criminals onto the scene, but also CIA vice director William Carr, who had already been secretly trying to remove the wreck for a long time. Kristin places herself in great danger, refusing to rest until the key has been discovered that will solve the riddle of Operation Napoleon…


Óskar Þór Axelsson is a native of Iceland and a graduate from NYU’s Film Program. His NYU graduation film Misty Mountain won 3 NYU Craft Awards including for directing, and was a Student Academy Awards nominee. Óskar then wrote and directed his feature debut Black‘s Game which premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in 2012. It became the 2nd highest grossing Icelandic movie in history. His next feature, I Remember You, was the no. 1 box office hit of 2017 in Icelandic cinemas. Óskar directed 3 episodes of the ZDF/BBC co-produced TV series Trapped that premiered in 2016 to critical and commercial success. Premiering in 2019, he directed 2 episodes of Trapped 2. In 2017 Óskar directed the TV series Stella Blómkvist which has screened worldwide to great audience and critical acclaim. Óskar was the lead director of the TV series Sanctuary starring Josefin Asplund and Matthew Modine. In 2020 Óskar directed 3 episodes of the 3rd season of Riviera which stars Julia Stiles and one of Sky Atlantic’s most successful original series to date. Currently Óskar is in production of a 2nd season of Stella Blómkvist which will release in 2021. Among projects in development are the feature films Falcons Forever a true story about the first Olympic gold medalists in ice hockey (Canada) that were of Icelandic heritage, The Conspiracy, which Óskar is co-writing with Mikael Torfason, partly based on a novel by Eiríkur Bergmann. Furthermore there is Fear, an original TV series Óskar is the creator of, about two lost teenage souls that decide to become serial killers.



Tinna Proppé is an established producer having worked in the film industry since 2009. In addition to film production she has a background in book publishing. Tinna‘s work include titles such as Mamma Gógó, Legends of Valhalla – Thor, Pity the Lovers with her latest project being the upcoming series Sisterhood, distributed by NBCUniversal.

Presented by: Smári Gunnarson

Directors: Smári Gunnarson, Logi Sigursveinsson
Producers: Stephanie Thorpe; Elfar Adalsteins; Heather Millard; Freyja Kristinsdóttir
Editing: Logi Sigursveinsson, Smári Gunnarsson
Composer: Kristján Sturla Bjarnason
Director of Photography: Logi Sigursveinsson
Sound Recording: Bergur Líndal Guðnason
Sound Design & Sound Mix: Brynjar Unnsteinsson

Country: Iceland
Genre: Documentary, sport, comedy
State of Development: Post-production


The Home Game is a feel-good sports documentary about one man’s dogged attempt to finish his father’s mission- to finally stage the first home game, on the football pitch he made 25 years earlier in their small Icelandic fishing village. We follow the growth of an endearing team of underdogs, as Kari Vidarsson attempts to honour his community and his retired father’s dream. Embracing his dad’s old coaching philosophy for their big game in the FA Cup, Kari is determined to let everyone play who wants to, no matter their age, gender or skillset.


Smári Gunnarsson is an Icelandic writer and director, a self-proclaimed football specialist – who loves the game as well as finding the sense of humour in every good story. After receiving a BA training in European Theatre Arts, Smári began creating his own work and further honed his writing skills in the UK through initiatives at The NFTS and BFI Network. The Home Game is Smári’s first feature length film.



Logi Sigursveinsson studied screenwriting and directing at the Icelandic Film School. In 2018 his graduation film Bjarnarblus won best film at Northern Wave Film Festival in Iceland. Logi works freelance as a cinematographer, editor and vfx artist. The Home Game is Logi’s first feature length film.


Silver Screen is a film-production company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Silver Screen produces independent non-fiction and fiction content for cinema, television and online as well as providing production services throughout Iceland. 


Stephanie Thorpe is a Birmingham born screenwriter, producer and co-founder of UK based film collective Freestyler Films. She has produced a range of short films including Wheels and The Rook, as well as producing commercials and music videos. After being selected onto BFI Network’s short film development programme as a writer, Stephanie is now in development on TV projects alongside producing. Two summers in Hellissandur, Iceland, started Stephanie’s love affair for the village where our story is set and compelled her to repay the good times by telling their inspiring story on the international stage with production company Silfurskjár.


Elfar Adalsteins is a director, a producer and one of the founders of Silverscreen. Elfar began producing feature films in his native country of Iceland before moving to the UK where he shifted his focus to writing and directing. He studied filmmaking at the Met Film School at Ealing Studios and trained with renowned directing coach Judith Weston at the Director’s Studio in Los Angeles. Elfar has helped develop and make a diverse slate of indie films and his non-dialogue short film, ‘Sailcloth’, starring the late acclaimed actor John Hurt, was shortlisted for the 2012 Academy Awards Oscars and BAFTAS and won numerous other international awards. His 2nd feature film is his screenplay adaptation of the award winning novel ‘Summerlight & Then Comes the Night’ by celebrated author Jón Kalman Stefánsson, premiering in 2022. 



Heather Millard is an experienced producer and one of the founders of Silver Screen. She has been working in the film and television industry in the UK since 2005 and relocated to Iceland in 2009 where she continued to produce international content. Her productions include award-winning feature films, series and documentary films including: ‘YARN’ (SXSW 2016), ‘Of Good Report'(TIFF 2013) and ‘Future of Hope’ (IDFA 2010). 


Freyja Kristinsdóttir is a producer, director and editor who studied filmmaking at Short and Docs Filmschool in Denmark as well as The Icelandic Film School. She has been working for Silver Screen since 2020. Her first documentary ‘Underdog’ (2018) received Jury’s special mention at Skjaldborg film festival. Her credits include: ‘Everything in the end’ (2021), ‘BAND’ (2021) and ‘Summerlight and then comes the night’ (2021). 

Presented by: Árni Sveinsson and Andri Freyr Viðarsson

Director: Árni Sveinsson
Screenwriter/Co-producer: Andri Freyr Vidarsson
Producers: Halldór Hilmisson, Árni Þór Jónsson, Lárus Jónsson, Ada Benjamínsdóttir

Country: Iceland
Genre: Documentary
State of Development: Production 


Icelandic country singer, Johnny King, is at crossroads in his life. In his attempt to climb one last time back in the saddle, he must reconcile with his difficult past which hangs over him like a dark shadow. His fame came to light in the 1980’s, during a short-spanned country music popularity amongst rural folks in Iceland. Even though national stardom was never reached, he gained a solid base of enthusiasts, and his name was well-known. However, behind his character is a complicated past. During his upbringing he suffered plenty of ordeal. To suppress past trauma, the character Johnny King had been created. Shaped from certain ‘homemade’ idiosyncratic quirks and evident playacting but ultimately from his passion for music. The documentary about Johnny King explores his character, what is behind his persona and how to break out from that alter-ego. Nothing has been straight forward in Johnny’s life, and in his quest for a comeback, many dramatic decisions must be made. Will he dare to step back into the limelight, in his cowboy outfit, get into character and perform his acts, in which he knows internally so well, despite obstacles and strong head wind?



Árni Sveinsson has been an independent filmmaker for over 20 years, in which he has both created his own projects as well as taken projects under his wing. He has taught at Icelandic Film School. His work includes “Óli Prik”, “Son of the Day”, “Backyard” and “Í Skóm Drekans”. Along with his film career he has run a guesthouse and DJ ́d.



Andri Freyr Viðarsson is one of the most prominent radio hosts of Iceland. He is currently a leading figure in “Menningin”, a radio show that focuses on what is currently happening in arts and culture. Andri directed “Spólað yfir Hafið” (2017) and “Allra síðasti Sjéns” (2017), worked in development at Republik (2016-2017). Prior he has made his name as a presenter in the long running TV series “Andri á flandri” (2011-2014). Andri went to Prague Film School.



Halldór Hilmisson has been part of Republik since 2018, following an illustrious free-lance career. He has BA in philosophy and film studies and MPM in project management. Recent credentials include “5 konur 400 ár”, “Missir”, “Hver ertu?”, “Fyrir Alla Muni” and the documentary “My Mother the State”.



Ada Benjaminsdottir is the head of production at Republik and a partner in Republik, having been with the company since 2009. Her creditentials include producing the award winning short film “Nýr dagur í Eyjafirði” (2017), “Skaupið” (2019, 2020, 2021) and “Spólað yfir Hafið”, among many more projects. She has a BA Honors degree in Film and Television Production from University of Westminister.



Arni Thor Jonsson is the founders of Republik. He is also a co-founder of Spears and Arrows in Los Angeles, boutique production company. Arni works all over the globe doing commercial work. Currently resides in London, UK, pursuing a degree in History at Oxford and is co-directing and producing the documentaries “Fangar” and “Tenor”.



Lalli Jonsson is one of the founders of Republik. He operates as the leading executive producer at Republik, along with his successful directing career and managing various television programs. He has directed and produced numerous documentaries. Lalli has a BS degree in Media.

Presented by: Sævar Guðmundsson and Kreshnik Jonuzi

Directors: Sævar Guðmundsson, Kreshnik Jonuzi
Producer: Sævar Guðmundsson, Kreshnik Jonuzi, Lejla Korça, Anna Karen Kristjánsdóttir
Music: Margrét Rán
Sound Design: Gunnar Árnason

Country: Iceland, USA
Genre: Documentary
State of Development: Post-production


Facing the aftermath of deportation, a family tries to reunite while the youngest son and daughter endure the emotional journey to adjust in a place they’ve never known as home. 



Sævar Guðmundsson is an Icelandic director born in 1972 who started with short films that gained massive attention in Iceland. Originally started directing and editing commercials in Iceland and later internationally. “Inside a Volcano ” was his first full-length documentary which premiered at Warsaw Film Festival in 2016.



Kreshnik Jonuzi is an Albanian/American filmmaker born in 1990 and currently resides in New York. His first feature directorial debut was in 2017 with “Triumph”. The film premiered at Warsaw Film Festival and won the audience award at Dokufest in 2018. 


Presented by: Sylvie Van Brabant and Doris Buttignol

Directors: Doris Buttignol, Sylvie Van Brabant
Producer: Carole Mangold, Elodie Pollet

Country: Canada, France
Genre: Documentary
State of Development: Production development


What if the answer to our future survival wasn’t letting the capitalistic dogma of endless growth lead the way? What if, instead, we put the environment and common good at the front and centre of every decision? On the volatile Icelandic landscape, women have been rising for generations. And at this crucial moment in history, they are standing up to reveal their wisdom and inner strength, converting chaos into a driver of change.  In Iceland, changemakers have gotten a head start, allowing this film to show the world what is possible when women truly rise.


Doris Buttignol is an accomplished documentary filmmaker who, since 1990, has written and directed over 20 films, including One of Many (2005), screened at the UN Annual Conference as an introduction to cultural genocide, No Gazaran (2014), an in-depth investigation into the French shale gas affair, and One of the Guys (2018), a Franco-Canadian coproduction documenting the transition of a Canadian Armed Forces corporal from female to male.



Sylvie Van Brabant is a major Quebec director and producer. She has written and directed some of Quebec’s most notable documentaries, which primarily address critical social issues. She champions social, political, and artistic works that are relevant, eloquent, and poetic. She dares to tackle controversial issues and bring audiences films that explore deep cultural and social values. She has coproduced and directed several feature films with the National Film Board of Canada, including Earth Keepers: A Survival Guide for a Planet in Peril, produced with Peter Wintonick (Best Environmental Documentary, RIFF, 2010). Van Brabant is also an accomplished producer with over 40 documentaries under her belt, many of which have created change in Quebec society through their powerful social impact. She is the producer behind master documentarian Serge Giguère (Hot Docs Focus On, 2006, winner of the Governor General Award in Visual and Media Arts, 2008, winner of the highest award in cinema from the government of Quebec, The Albert Tessier Award, 2021). 



Carole Mangold is from France and produced Doris Buttignol’s last two films. She has been recognized by the film and television community for her impactful international documentaries, such as A Turning Tide in the Life of Man (2014) and A Turning Tide in the Life of Men (2018).





Elodie Pollet is a Quebec producer who has worked for many years with notable directors like Sergey Loznitsa, Benedikt Erlingsson, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Mark Osborne, Radu Mihaileanu and Jacques Audiard. She is dedicated to producing outstanding, auteur-driven, cinematographic works. 

Presented by: Torfinnur Jákupsson

Creator, Writer, Executive Producer: Torfinnur Jákupsson
Producer: GRÓ Studios (Faroe Islands): Torfinnur Jákupsson, Jón Hammer

Country: Faroe Islands
Genre: TV Series (4 x 60 mins. / Returnable mini-series) Political thriller, Crime, Drama
State of Development: Expected production: 2024 Expected delivery: 2025


The charismatic Magnus Tindhólm (60) is a former farmer with a humble upbringing and has newly been appointed prime minister of the Faroe Islands. Despite his lack of experience as a state leader, he is a quick learner and equally comfortable in a sharp suit, as he was in his old Wellington boots and fisherman’s jumper. But soon, Magnus will face the most challenging and important moment of his life – one that could change the course of history and the future of the Faroese people, but also endanger his family and the life of his disabled son. 



Torfinnur Jákupsson is a Faroese screenwriter, showrunner and executive producer with a background in journalism and music. He is also CEO of GRÓ Studios, the first studio of its kind in the Faroe Islands. Represented by Danske Dramatikere and Swedish boutique agency Albatros, Torfinnur is the creator and head writer of the first ever Faroese TV drama series, award-winning eco-crime thriller TROM, shown on Viaplay, DR, BBC, ZDF/Arte, AMC+ and SBS among others.



Jón Hammer first cut his teeth at Lars von Trier’s Zentropa, before moving on to independent powerhouse Adomeit Film Denmark and founding his own production company Kykmyndir / KYK Pictures. Jón is a member of European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) and the Faroese producer of the first ever Faroese TV drama series, award-winning eco-crime thriller TROM, shown on Viaplay, DR, BBC, ZDF/Arte, AMC+ and SBS among others.


GRÓ Studios is the first film and television studio of its kind in the Faroe Islands, involved in all aspects of development through production and sales, and is a joint venture of head of development and executive producer Torfinnur Jákupsson and head of production Jón Hammer. Joining forces in 2018, together, they were the driving force behind bringing the first ever Faroese drama series to the screen. Working closely with the Nordic and international industry, GRÓ prides itself on seeing and identifying great value in the often undervalued and in championing and harnessing local talent and local stories for a global audience. 

Presented by: Torfinnur Jákupsson

Creator, Writer, Executive Producer: Torfinnur Jákupsson 
Producer: GRÓ Studios (Faroe Islands): Torfinnur Jákupsson, Jón Hammer

Country: Faroe Islands
Genre: Neo-Western, Drama
State of Development: Expected production: 2024 Expected delivery: 2025


In a fit of fury, disillusioned local newsman Einar (45) has a nervous breakdown on national radio, causing a massive rush-hour car pile-up. Dressed up in a traditional Faroese suit, he subsequently flees his own 45th birthday party on his teenage daughter’s broken-down bike with local police soon on his trail. As we follow him on a backbreaking and breathtaking cross-country journey, the reason for all of this becomes clearer – he has set out to confront and kill his father, before he dies.



Torfinnur Jákupsson is a Faroese screenwriter, showrunner and executive producer with a background in journalism and music. He is also CEO of GRÓ Studios, the first studio of its kind in the Faroe Islands. Represented by Danske Dramatikere and Swedish boutique agency Albatros, Torfinnur is the creator and head writer of the first ever Faroese TV drama series, award-winning eco-crime thriller TROM, shown on Viaplay, DR, BBC, ZDF/Arte, AMC+ and SBS among others.



Jón Hammer first cut his teeth at Lars von Trier’s Zentropa, before moving on to independent powerhouse Adomeit Film Denmark and founding his own production company Kykmyndir / KYK Pictures. Jón is a member of European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE) and the Faroese producer of the first ever Faroese TV drama series, award-winning eco-crime thriller TROM, shown on Viaplay, DR, BBC, ZDF/Arte, AMC+ and SBS among others.


GRÓ Studios is the first film and television studio of its kind in the Faroe Islands, involved in all aspects of development through production and sales, and is a joint venture of head of development and executive producer Torfinnur Jákupsson and head of production Jón Hammer. Joining forces in 2018, together, they were the driving force behind bringing the first ever Faroese drama series to the screen. Working closely with the Nordic and international industry, GRÓ prides itself on seeing and identifying great value in the often undervalued and in championing and harnessing local talent and local stories for a global audience. 

Presented by: Christoffer Stenbakken, Alberte Parnuuna Lings Skifte

Directors: Christoffer Stenbakken, Alberte Parnuuna Lings Skifte
Producer: Alberte Parnuuna Lings Skifte
Co-creators: Christoffer Pedersen Stenbakken, Alberte Parnuuna Lings Skifte, Carl Taunajik Florian Sørensen

Country: Greenland, Denmark
Genre: TV Series
State of Development: Script development


Tasiilaq, East Greenland, is a town with a horrible reputation. A place synonymous with alcoholism and abuse. But Tasiilaq is also just a small town like any other, where young people act out their lives. We want to create a youth fiction series together with young people and teenagers from Tasiilaq. The youth of the town will be directly involved in developing the story, writing the script and act in front of the camera. We want to hand the microphone to a group of people who are often marginalized and let them tell the world their own story for once..


Christoffer Stenbakken grew up in Tasiilaq and lived there until his late teens. For the last five years he has worked as a freelance screenwriter and director in Denmark. He has primarily written and directed youth fiction and television series for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation such as REPLAY and OVER GRÆNSEN 2. He has a series in production at TV2 and has also made short films at Hyæne Film. This fall, he was in Tasiilaq to do a podcast for DR P1 and is passionate about giving back to the place that shaped him.



Alberte Parnuuna Lings Skifte comes from Nuuk with Greenlandic/Danish roots. She is a director and screenwriter and is currently developing the fiction series SILA, which takes place in Nuuk, for Netflix. She has a master’s degree in Visual Culture with a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen and has a broad network in the Greenlandic film industry. She is passionate about telling stories that contribute to a positive self-image in Greenland.

Presented by: Gabriel Azorin, Carlos Pardo Ros

Directors: Gabriel Azorin
Producer: Carlos Pardo Ros
Screenplay: Gabriel Azorín, Celso Giménez & María Antón Cabot
Cinematography: Giuseppe Truppi
Art director: Melania Freire
Executive Producer: Beli Martínez
Editing: María Antón Cabot
Sound recording: Emilio García
Sound design: Miguel Martins

Country: Spain, Portugal
Genre: Coming of Age, Drama, Fantasy, History
State of Development: Production development


António wants to tell Jota that he is afraid of being alone when Jota leaves for university. Aurelio does not know whether he wants to desert with Pompeyo or leave to the war front. Tonight at the thermal baths, a 21st century boy and a 1st century Roman soldier share a warm bath and the fear of losing their best friend.


Gabriel Azorín has directed the short films “Los galgos”, “Mañana vendrá la bala” and “Il rumore dell’universo” and the medium-length documentary “Los mutantes”. His films have been selected at festivals such as San Sebastian, Entrevues at Belfort, the Seville European Film Festival, Ficunam, Zinebi, Curtocircuíto or Porto/Post/Doc among others. Member of lacasinegra collective. Mentor at ECAM (Madrid Film School) and the Film Academy Residencies. He also has worked as an artistic advisor on the feature films “Azor” (Andreas Fontana, Berlinale ’21), “<3” (María Antón Cabot, Dok:Leipzig ’18) and “H” (Carlos Pardo Ros, Visions du Réel ’22) and the short films “La sangre es blanca” (Óscar Vincentelli, awarded at FID Marseille ’21 and Curtocircuíto ‘20), “Mudanza contemporánea” (Teo Guillem, Visions du Réel ‘18) and “Ella i jo” (Jaume Claret Muxart, San Sebastian Festival ’20 and Rotterdam ’21). “Last Night I Conquered the City of Thebes” is his first fiction feature film. 


Carlos Pardo Ros is a Spanish filmmaker who works as a director and producer. In 2017 he founded DVEIN Films. He has so far produced short films premiered and awarded at festivals like Locarno, San Sebastián, Mar del Plata, Visions du Reel, FIDMarseille or Viennale. He is member of lacasinegra collective (together with Gabriel Azorín, María Antón Cabot and Elena López) and is also a member of DVEIN together with Teo Guillem. His first feature film as director, “H”, premiered at Visions du Réel in 2022.

Presented by: Diego Llorente

Director: Diego Llorente
Producer: Diego Llorente, Rubén G. Revilla
Cast: Katia Borlado, Antonio Araque, Álvaro Quintana, Rocío Suárez
Cinematographer & Colorist: Adrián Hernández
Sound: José Luis Toral
Editor: Diego Llorente

Country: Spain
Genre: Drama
State of Development: Production development


Marta returns home for the summer. She meets Pablo again. They start meeting to the point of considering resuming their relationship. Leo, Marta’s partner, visits her. Her relationship with Pablo falls apart. She goes back to Madrid and Leo.


Born in Pola de Siero (Asturies) in 1984, Diego Llorente has a degree in French Philology from Oviedo University. In addition to publishing two books, he has directed five short films. His first feature film premiered at the Atlántida Film Fest. His short film Agostu was selected among others, in the Official Section of the Ibero-American Film Festival of Nicaragua and in the thirty-fourth edition of the Bogotá Film Festival. His short film Carolina, Friday, August 18, 2017, NY has been exhibited at festivals in Colombia, Mexico and Argentina. His latest feature film, Entrialgo, has been screened at the Indie Memphis festival, at the FICX at the Uruguay international film festival and at the BAFICI.

Presented by: David Aymerich and Gerard Vidal Barrena

Director: Gerard Vidal Barrena
Producer: David Aymerich

Country: Spain, Iceland
Genre: Drama, Road Movie, Music
State of Development: Script development


At the end of the summer, Alex, a young and ambitious struggling musician, decides to escape the pressures of the music industry and journey through Iceland. There, she meets Sigrun, a troubled bass player mourning the loss of her best friend. Bonding through music and friendship, Alex and Sigrun travel the northern landscapes to find themselves and get back on their feet. 


Gerard Vidal Barrena (Barcelona, 1995) is a film director, screenwriter, playwright and musician. “Les dues nits d’ahir” (“Yesterday’s two nights”, 2020) is his feature film debut as a co-director, co-writer, co-producer and composer of its original soundtrack. The film won the Biznaga de Plata for Best Direction and Best Actor at the Malaga Film Festival, in the Zonazine section; and it was nominated for Best Film at the 2021 Gaudí Awards (Catalan Cinema Academy). Gerard also directed and starred in the medium-length film “I Always Cry For You Like Pink Honey Rain” (2022), a piece that accompanies all seven tracks of his second studio album as a musician.


Ayhe Productions is a new production company founded by producer and director David Aymerich. In 2018, Aymerich wrote and directed his first feature film, “El dulce sabor del limón” (“The sweet taste of lemon”), which was distributed in cinemas by Splendor Films and is currently available on Filmin. In 2020, Aymerich produced the upcoming short film by director and screenwriter Alberto Gross Molo, “SOLO” (will be internationally premiered in 2023), which has the support of Spanish grants ICAA and ICEC and is distributed by Agencia Freak. On the other hand, in addition to “Younger Days”, Ayhe Productions is developing the fiction feature film “March 14th”, by director Alberto Gross Molo. The latter, has participated in the prestigious European “Ekran+” workshop (Warsaw, Poland) and “My First Script” screenwriters laboratory (Zagreb Film Festival, Croatia) in 2021, both supported by Creative Europe MEDIA.

Presented by: Mar Garro Lleonart and Júlia Farràs Riu

Director: Mar Garro Lleonart
Producer: Alba Sotorra Clua, Júlia Farràs Riu, Mar Garro Lleonart, Paloma Bercovich Melamed & Julieta Balasch
Screenplay: Julieta Balasch Carulla, Paloma Bercovich Melamed, Júlia Farràs Riu & Mar Garro Lleonart
Direction of photography: Paloma Bercovich Melamed
Edited by: Julieta Balasch Carulla
Assistant editor: Tomás Longato

Country: Spain
Genre: Documentary
State of Development: Post-production


Sofiko’s life is about to turn upside down. At the age of 24 and after getting engaged to her boyfriend Akaki, she is thinking of returning to her country of origin, Georgia. She decides to retrace, in the opposite direction, the migratory route that 18 years ago brought her from Tbilisi to Barcelona. The people, landscapes and borders she crosses on this journey, both physical and emotional, speak of the invisible consequences of a war that forced her parents to leave a place she still perceives as home. 


Mar Garro Lleonart is a film director, graduated in Audiovisual Communication for Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. She works in the communication and impact department at the film production company Alba Sotorra SL and has participated in the production of documentaries such as “Francesca y el Amor” (2022, premiered at the Malaga Film Festival), “The Return: Life after ISIS” (2022, Gaudí Award for Best Documentary, nominated for the Goya Awards, among others) or “Comandante Arian” (2018, premiered at HotDocs, Sheffield, Shanghai and nominated for the Premis Gaudí), all directed and produced by Alba Sotorra. She is also an audiovisual educator for a group of young people in an audiovisual and education project coordinated by Ruido Photo. She has directed the documentary short film “Mogoneba” (2020, FILMETS (ESP) & Student World Impact Film Festival (USA)) and co-scripted the short film “Els Esvaïts” (2019, Festival de Cortometrajes de Menorca and Festival U22). “Dabruneba” is her first feature documentary. 


Júlia Farràs Riu is currently an educator and coordinator of the participatory audiovisual project formed by a diverse-youth at Rudio Photo, as well as leading the communication of the innovation hub Innomads. She is studying the Master’s in Cultural Management at the UOC and the Master’s in Teaching at UPF. She is passionate for culture in all its forms. She did her internship at the Catalan Film Academy where she supported the organization and coordination of the Cicle Gaudí that brings Catalan cinema to the rural towns of Catalonia and the organization of the Gaudí Awards 2019. In the sector audiovisual has participated as production director and sound director of the documentary short film Mogoneba (2020), official selected at the 2022 Student World Impact Film Festival and FILMETS, production director of the fiction short film Els Esvaïts (2019), selected for the U22 festival, and also as a producer in the short film Mermaid Rose (2018) at the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).