Talent Lab

RIFF's Talent Lab 2024 takes place during 1. – 5. október 2024.

About the workshop

Participants of the Talent Lab will have the opportunity to make first-hand contact with film directors, producers and other professionals for help and consulting on their first feature film, as well as meet up with other like-minded individuals of various backgrounds from around the world. This year’s Talent Lab will run from the 1st until the 5th of October 2024.

The Philosophy

The threefold motto of the Reykjavík International Film Festival (Innovation – Networking – Dialogue) is perfectly manifested in the activities of the Talent Lab. The lab highlights and promotes the innovative works of young filmmakers and fosters as well as facilitates the networking necessary to promote their work to buyers and distributors. The attendees further gain the opportunity to participate in a dialogue and exchange ideas and thoughts with fellow writers/directors/producers from across the world.

The Golden Egg

Participants also have the opportunity to submit their short films to The Golden Egg competition! The submitted films will pass through our selection committee and the ones who make the cut, will be screened at the festival’s official program and compete for the Golden Egg award.

The films submitted for The Golden Egg should be less than 30 minutes long and should be made after January 1st, 2023. Applicants can submit them by uploading the film’s Vimeo (or other) link when filling out their application.

The Program

The program of RIFF Talent Lab is different every year, but always consists of an exciting combination of masterclasses, pitch sessions, panels, workshops, screenings and entertainment.


The fee for participants from abroad is 165,000 ISK (approximately 1115 EUR, or 1185 USD). The fee covers shared accommodation in a central hostel with breakfast included, a festival pass, numerous events and access to all seminars and discussions.

The accommodation is provide from October 1st to 6th.

Please note that airfare and travel to and from airport is not covered.

Participants who prefer to book their accommodation privately, pay the discount fee of 130,000 ISK, which covers all the above, minus the shared accommodation.

There is no extra fee for participants submitting their films to the Golden Egg competition.

For inquiries please contact us at talentlab@riff.is

Reviews of previous RIFF Talent Lab participants

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for welcoming me at the RIFF film workshop. It was an incredible experience. Everyone associated with the festival and at the hostel received me warmly."

"I enjoyed the honor of participating in the film workshop in Iceland and returned from this unforgettable journey. There are many such workshops around the world nowadays, influenced by the Talent Campus at Berlinale. This workshop offers a more intimate atmosphere than larger workshops, which was great because I got to know nearly everyone who participated, coming from all over the world. We met the Oscar-winning James Marsh, listened to masterclasses by the renowned director Bela Tarr, and, even though I didn't make any films during the workshop, I even met the presidential couple."

"RIFF Talent Lab is a fantastic experience in so many ways. The masterclasses provide opportunities to learn and engage with experts at the highest level of quality. The working group consists of an international group of young filmmakers who have the chance to meet and expand their network. The group also gains a better understanding of the perspectives in other countries. The festival offers an intriguing selection of films, and last but not least, the island is so beautiful that I will never forget it."

"The days flew by. There was always someone interesting to talk to, enjoyable workshops, and films in the cinema. An impactful and unforgettable experience."


Participants can submit their short films when applying for the Talent Lab. Once they have paid the final fee, their films will be reviewed by our selection committee and the best ones will be screened at RIFF’s official program. The final selection is usually announced by mid-September, depending on the number of submitted films. The Golden Egg Jury will choose the winner of the Golden Egg award among the selected films, which will be announced at RIFF’s Closing Ceremony.

Allir þátttakendur þurfa að greiða 50.000 kr staðfestingargjald til að tryggja sér pláss. Við byrjum að fara yfir umsóknir snemma á árinu. Eftirstöðvarnar greiðast 4 vikum eftir staðfestingu á þátttöku. Athugið að á hverju ári geta aðeins takmarkaður fjöldi þátttakenda fengið sæti. Því fyrr sem þú sækir um því betri líkur eru á að vera samþykktur. Sérhver greiðsla fer beint á fastan hlekk sem við deilum með þátttakendum.

The Talent Lab fee is non-refundable.

Depending on how many requests for private rooms we have, we can have a special deal for Talent Labbers booking a private room. The extra fee is paid directly to the hostel.

Applications are reviewed regularly starting early spring which mean that those that apply early have a better change to be accepted. All applications are answered within a few weeks. The deadline for the Talent Lab application is 23rd July. Exceptions can be made in specific cases.