RIFF Cinema Bus

RIFF Cinema Bus gives children and families all over the country the opportunity to see selected international short films and features from RIFF´s program in their hometowns. The experience is unique in that the screenings take place outdoors in a drive-in cinema.

RIFF Cinema Bus promotes equal access for children and young people by offering a varied and high-quality art event regardless of residence and financial situation. 

RIFF Cinema Bus screens a variety of films that touch on social issues and therefore contribute to an enriched film culture and increased film literacy country-wide.

To provide all Icelanders with equal access to a variety of international films. — To provide a unique screening experience. — To increase social consciousness and film literacy. — This is what Cinema Bus sets out to do.

RIFF Cinema Bus
17 - 23 September 2020

  • Childrens Shorts
  • Award-winning European short films
  • Car cinema 


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