Environmental policy

RIFF, Reykjavík International Film Festival aims to be at the forefront of increasing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of culture festivals. In light of this RIFF has, in partnership with our sponsors, committed to reducing our eco-footprint and to making choices with the good of the environment in mind.
Among this year's initiatives, in partnership with Hertz, scooter rental service Hopp and the city bus line Strætó bs, RIFF aims to reduce traffic related pollution by increasing the availability of eco-friendly transport to the festival’s venues. Printed materials will be provided by the eco-certified printer Ísafold. Trees will be planted to offset the carbon-footprint of airline passengers visiting the festival. RIFF has joined together with six other film festivals to promote environmental protection. Festival events with this focus will accordingly be prioritized.

"We encourage festival visitors and film lovers to consider the environment in their travel methods and help us fulfill policy goals. "Foreign visitors will make a trip to Heiðmörk and help director Benedikt Erlingsson in the planting and cultivation of a special film forest, which was established precisely to reduce the environmental pollution of the film industry. We want to build that forest and call a branch of it The RIFF forest," says Hrönn Marinósdóttir, the festival's director.