RIFF Industry Days

RIFF Industry Days is the title of a series of workshops and talks to be held during the Reykjavík International Film Festival from 3rd -8th of October 2016. Around six speakers from world-class sales agencies and distributors are invited to lead workshops on a number of emerging subjects relevant to film industry professionals. The aim is to facilitate better mutual knowledge and understanding between important players in the international audiovisual market and to form a basis for a joint direction within the industry to pursue in the face of mutating markets.

The schedule for 2016:

Oct 3rd – Monday

13.00-14.30   Deepa Metha – Master class

Where: The Nordic House

Public / Open event

16.30-18.00   Deepa Metha – Lifetime Achievement Awards

Presented by Dagur B. Eggertsson, mayor of Reykjavik,

Where:  City Hall

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”

19.00-21.00   Honorary Dinner hosted by the Canadian Embassy

Open for: Invitees only

 Oct 4th – Tuesday

21.00-22.30   German Embassy Reception

After Q&A for the film Iceland Crime

Where: Bio Paradis / drinks and light food

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”

Oct 5th – Wednesday

12.00-13.00   Norwegian Embassy Reception / Lunch

In honor of Stine Oppengaard

Open for: Invitees only

17.00-19.00   Darren Aronofsky – Creative Excellance Award

Presented by Guðni Th. Jóhannesson president of Iceland at the presidents home Bessastaðir.

(Bus will leave at. 16.00 in front of Hlemmur Square Hotel)

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Press”

17.00-19.00   Dinner at Pulsa / Hlemmur Square restaurant

Open for:         Invitees only

Oct 6th – Thursday

10.00-11.00   The Launch of NAT – North Atlantic Talents

What is the future for filmmaking in Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands? North Atlantic Talents invites politicians, filmmakers and industry to take part in the official launch of a brand new film development and professionalization program for the North Atlantic region!

Where: Slippbío, Hotel Marina, Mýrargata 2, 101 Reykjavík

13.00-15.00   Darren AronofskyMaster class

at the University of Iceland

(This is also a public event – so please show up in time)

Moderator:     Andri Snær Magnason (author / activist)

Public / Open event

15.30-17.00   Visit to production company Saga film

RIFF will provide a bus after the Master class at the University

Badge type:  “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”

18.00-19.30   Chloë Sevigny with Q&A

after a special screening of her short Kitty

(This is also a public event. To get a ticket please go to the ticket sale in Bio Paradis day in advance.)

Moderator:     Nanna Kristín Magnúsdóttir (actress / director)

Public / Open event – Tickets needed

20.00-22.00   Premiere of the film InnSæi – The Sea Within

at Háskólabíó cinema

22.00-24.00   InnSæi Premiere Party

at Oddsson hotel/hostel

Oct 7th – Friday

10.00-12.00 New Icelandic Films – Work in process

A visit to the Icelandic Film Fund; located in the same building as Bio Paradis

Open for: Invitees only

12.00-13.00   Icelandic Music in Films – Original Score and Pop Songs

This is a show reel panel at Loft hostel

(Soup will be provided for Talent Lab)

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”


13.00-14.00   Q&A with Daði Einarsson Creative Director at RVX Studios

Daði will present projects and introduce his company at Loft hostel

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”

15.00-16.30   Can films, non-state actors and dialogue contribute to peace in the 21st century?

Panel discussions in the University of Iceland in cooperation with Höfði – Reykjavik Peace Centre.

Participants:  – Darren Aronofsky, film director/writer

Kristín Ólafsdóttir, film director/producer of Innsæi

Hrund Gunnsteinsdóttir, film director/producer of Innsæi

Moderator:     – Pia Hansson, Director of the Institute of International Affairs

Public / Open event

19.00-22.00   The Great Sheep Head Experience

This is a party event for all industry guests at RIFF. Enjoy drinks and a plate of our traditional sheep head course.

(Vegetarian meals and other options are possible)

Badge type:      “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”


Oct 8th – Saturday

9.00-17.00     Shooting in Iceland – The Amazing Location Trip

This trip is for all industry guests. Guided by a professional location scout from production company True north we will explore some of the most popular film locations in the south side of Iceland. This is a long and fast trip (not many stops) but totally worth it.

(Note: Please sign up for this trip at the guest office and show up on time)

Lunch will be provided.

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Press” and “Industry +” (who paid extra)

19.00-21.00   Icelandic Film Fund Dinner

At restaurant Fish&chips/Matur&drykkur

(Invitees only – bus will leave from Hlemmur Square Hotel at 18.50)

Badge type: “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press

21.00-23.00   RIFF´s Award Winning Ceremony

Badge type:      “Guests”, “Talent Lab”, “Industry” and “Press”