RIFF INDUSTRY DAYS is the title of a series of events and talks held during the Reykjavík International Film Festival together with the 1st edition of the Icelandic Market Forum.

RIFF Industry days are designed as a tool to create new spaces for the exchange of ideas and to serve as an open gate for the circulation and promotion of the Icelandic film industry.

The prime objective of RIFF Industry Days is to encourage meetings, generate debates and establish dialogues, providing the support that makes original ideas last. We also hope to facilitate better mutual knowledge and understanding between important players in the international audiovisual and cinematographic markets.

We directly aim to implement this line of action through the development and expansion of formats. Thus this year for the first time RIFF presents the ICELANDIC MARKET FORUM (IMF).

IMF is set as a space for Icelandic professionals to showcase their work in progress to sales agents and other relevant audiovisual professionals and partners, enabling them to respond directly to the priorities of an expanding and ever-changing film industry.

Market screenings will be also held for those interested, strictly under registration as well as B2B meetings.
IMF aims to facilitate better mutual knowledge and understanding between important players in the international audiovisual market and to form a basis for joint direction within the Icelandic film industry.

WIP is curated by Frédéric Boyer, RIFF head of programming.

In order to encourage cross-border networking, filmmakers, distributors and representatives from world-class sales agencies are being invited to attend the live-streaming of onsite events and of talks on a number of emerging subjects relevant to film industry professionals.
In this way, we hope to provide spaces and tools that will allow us to broaden and enrich the issues addressed in each event.
By extending the reach of the ideas presented and promoting dialogue between participants regardless of their location, we believe we can contribute to creating a richer and more diverse Icelandic film industry, one in which all voices can be heard and in which all talent can thrive.

RIFF Industry Days allows film professionals to share their thinking, values and markets.

RIFF 2020 Industry Days Program Brochure

Browse our exciting program of panels, RIFF Talks and other events occurring at Industry Days of 17th Reykjavík International Film Festival.

RIFF Industry Events

Latest Past Events


Bíó Paradís Hverfisgata 52, Reykjavík

Myndin skýrir frá hinu daglega lífi sem liggur að baki harmleikjum borgarstríða, grimmúðlegra einræðisstjórna, innrása og afskipta erlendra ríkja og blóðþyrstra grimmdarverka ISIS. Ólíkar sögur eru samtvinnaðar í eina heild …

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The Nordic House Sæmundargata 11, Reykjavík

Ástarsaga þeirra Alvars og Aino Aalto, finnsku meistaranna í nútíma arkítektúr og hönnun. Myndin fer með áhorfendur í heillandi ferð um sköpun þeirra og áhrif um allan heim. Myndin er …

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