reason #1

Discover Iceland's Enchantment

Have you been dreaming of exploring Iceland? Here is your reason to finally take that trip and experience the captivating blend of winter darkness and mesmerizing Nordic lights. With its rugged landscapes and ethereal beauty, Iceland offers the perfect backdrop for cinematic adventures. During RIFF, venture on thrilling day trips into nature, where the island’s magic awaits just an hour away from Reykjavik city on the famed Golden Circle route.

reason #2

Join the Indie Scene's Finest

RIFF isn’t just a festival; it’s a cultural gathering for indie enthusiasts drawn to Reykjavik’s mystical and scandic charm. Immerse yourself in the vibrant creative energy that permeates the festival, mingling with like-minded souls. From exploring cinematic experiences in underground caves like Raufarhólshellir to special screenings in ice caves at Langjökull glacier, RIFF promises unforgettable moments.

reason #3

The perfect weather indoors

Escape the unpredictable Icelandic weather into RIFF’s cozy cinematic haven, where storytelling illuminates the seasonal darkness. Immerse yourself in a world of indie gems and avant-garde masterpieces, curated to captivate and inspire. Rain or shine, find sanctuary indoors at the home of the festival in Háskólabíó, conveniently located within walking distance of the city center.

reason #4

4. Experience a Spectacular Program

Prepare to be mesmerized by RIFF’s diverse lineup of films, ranging from thought-provoking documentaries to captivating animations. The festival transports you to new realms of imagination, offering a cinematic journey like no other. Our program is curated by world known program director Frédéric Boyer. Boyer has been the Artistic Director of the Tribeca Film Festival since 2012, and of the Les Arcs European Film Festival since 2009. Prior to that he was the Artistic Director of the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes for two years.

Reason #5

Mingle with fellow film lovers and top industry professionals

Let’s party! Do immerse yourself in the intrigue of RIFF’s exclusive events, where indie enthusiasts converge in Reykjavik’s hippest locales. Capture moments of magic and mystery as you mingle with fellow film enthusiasts, immersed in Iceland’s enigmatic and world renowned nightlife.

reason #6

Indulge in Icelandic Cuisine

Savor the flavors of Iceland’s culinary landscape, embarking on a tantalizing journey through farm-to-table delicacies and innovative fusion cuisine. Discover hidden gems of Icelandic cuisine, satisfying your palate with unique culinary experiences. Who knows, maybe there will be a themed screening involved? Don’t forget to try the Icelandic pylsa!

reason #7

Navigate Reykjavik with Ease

Once you hop on that Airport Direct shuttle, you’ll be in the city in no time. Explore Reykjavik’s charming streets and vibrant neighborhoods with ease, thanks to its compact size and excellent transportation network. Uncover the secrets of Reykjavik with RIFF as your guide, embarking on an unforgettable journey through the city’s rich cultural heritage. Don’t forget to check out our local heated swimming pools!

reason #8

Embrace Environmental Consciousness

Speaking of our magnificent swimming pools – do immerse yourself in Iceland’s commitment to sustainability, from renewable energy to eco-friendly practices shaping the landscape. Experience the island’s natural beauty firsthand and discover the power of sustainable living in action. Rhye bread baked outdoors with geothermal heat? Our very own RIFF forest? Heated sidewalks? You got it.

#9 reason

Encounter Nature's Majesty from safe distance

Embrace the thrill of Iceland’s natural wonders, with seismic activity confined to safe distances from the capital. From majestic waterfalls to breathtaking vistas, Iceland offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure, leaving you spellbound by its magic. Stay safe, stay informed and choose reliable local sources of information (try safetravel.is) and understand that Icelanders have been living in harmony with nature for a thousand years. Reykjavik city is in absolutely no danger from seismic activity in Reykjanes.

reason #10

Retreat to Modern Haven Hotels

After days of exploration, recharge at Reykjavik’s modern haven hotels, offering comfort and contemporary luxury. Find sanctuary amidst the city’s hustle and bustle, rejuvenate before the next day’s cinematic escapades at RIFF. Explore offers from our partners at Berjaya Hotels for a complete Icelandic experience.