A year offering a plethora of different events, from cave to swimming pool screenings, to concerts with Woody Allen, to a wide variety of Q&A’s. In 2015 we at RIFF celebrated 100 years of women’s right to vote, with a focus on films made by women or with a female point of view, as well as special Q&As with a female focus.

Staff 2015 4ever

20 photos

Cave Cinema

25 photos

Trapped premier

12 photos


41 photos

Gurwan Hypnosis

24 photos

Closing Ceremony 03.10

66 photos

Q&A - Lobster Soup Included

14 photos

Masterclass with David Cronenberg

6 photos

Honorary Dinner at Hótel Borg

22 photos

Honorary Award Ceremony at Bessastaðir

109 photos

29.09 -
Q&A - Embrace of the Serpent

2 photos

Q&A -
Crash by David Cronenberg

31 photos

Masterclass with Margarethe von Trotta at Nordic House

17 photos

Shut Up
Write a Script

11 photos

and concert at Gjábakki in Kópavogur

35 photos

The Misplaced World by Margarethe von Trotta

47 photos


119 photos

Panel - Icelandic Filmmaking

19 photos

Swim-in Cinema in Kópavogur

58 photos

Q&A - Cavanna, He was Charlie

41 photos

Frumsýning - Stelpur filma

39 photos

Swim-in Cinema at Sundhöllin

89 photos

Stuttmyndahátíð í Kópavogi

23 photos

Q&A -
Speed Sisters

3 photos

Q&A -

21 photos

One Minute Shorts Ceremony

11 photos

Children's Program Opening Party

21 photos

Q&A - As I Open My Eyes

3 photos

Cory McAbee - Small Star Seminar

11 photos

20.08 Kynjakvótapanell

21 photos

Woody Allen

26 photos

Polish Cine Art at Gerðarsafn

8 photos

Stand-up comedy

167 photos

Q&A -
The Fly by David Cronenberg

51 photos

01.10 -
Premiere of

4 photos

Discussion -
Selecting Festival Films

32 photos

David Cronenberg at Nexus Comic Store

7 photos